1. ===No griefing===
    1. Griefing is the act of destroying or modifying other people’s creations without their permission. It also incorporates stealing (Rule Eight) . It is under no circumstances allowed to grief a player’s creations.
    2. Griefers will be banned without prior notice indefinitely. There is no way back on the server if you break this rule.
  1. ===Illegal blocks/items===
    1. The following blocks/items are absolutely prohibited: lava. If you would like a fireplace or similar lit, you should ask a moderator.
  1. ===Always be respectful===
    1. Overuse of Caps-Lock will not be tolerated.
    2. Always treat all users with respect,  as you would wish to be treated by others.
    3. Trolling/Racism/Discrimination is not acceptable.
    4. While we support free speech, all chat should remain free of excessive swearing and avoid needlessly offending other players. While you are free to say what you will, you also are responsible for what you say. Free speech doesn’t mean you won’t get punished for saying something that is deemed offensive towards other players or saying something that breaks any of the rules under this heading.
    5. Keep in mind many of our players are young, so please play and act accordingly.
    6. If the subject matter of a conversation disturbs another player, please take it to private chat.
    7. Repeat violations will result in a ban.
  1. ===No spawning===
    1. The administrators will not spawn objects for you, you’ll have to gather things yourself. It is part of the game, and if we take away this aspect it will be no fun. We are not a creative server.
    2. For incredibly large projects, applications may be made via UMiCef to receive donated materials to make up a small percentage of what is needed. Applications are on our forums, include a little bit of history, plans and details of what is required. Make sure you read the guidelines!
  1. ===No cheating===
    1. Hacking/Duplication of objects or any other exploitation of glitches and bugs are strictly prohibited and will lead to a long and harsh ban, in most instances this will be permanent.
    2. Any client mod that gives you an unfair advantage over other players is also banned. Banned client mods include but are not limited to: fly mod, x-ray and speed hack.
    3. If you come across any exploits that could be abused, it is your responsibility to not spread this information to other players. New exploits should be pointed out to staff members privately, via modreq or PM.
  1. ===Building pointless or simply very ugly structures is not allowed.===
    1. To clarify: buildings should show some effort to make them look somewhat aesthetically pleasing. They do not need to be masterpieces. Buildings should not be built to negatively affect those around them.
    2. This also includes no “griefing” of the natural landscape, unless it is to flatten out for a building or such.
    3. This includes very tall 1×1 towers, very deep 1×1 shafts and spamming random blocks.
    4. When in doubt, ask a staff member.
  1. ===Building structures which groups of people may find offensive is not allowed.===
  2. ===No stealing/No trespassing===
    1. Players may come across other player chests (which should be locked) or other seemingly “random” chests in the middle of nowhere.  If the chests are not locked, do not take from them, especially if they are full of rare items such as gold and diamond ores and blocks.
    2. These are most likely the work of dupers (people who illegally duplicate items to gain an unfair advantage in the game) or hackers, and if you are found with such materials, all of your inventory may be confiscated and you may be even banned. Report any such chests to a mod or admin.
    3. Trespassing into areas where it is obvious the creator/owner does not want visitors is strictly prohibited.
    4. Except for this, the world is free to explore, including other players property/creations.
  1. ===No Spamming Or Advertising===
    1. This  is not a place to advertise your or your friend’s server. Advertisers will be banned. Advertising is also not allowed via private chat. This will also lead to a ban.
    2. Spamming/flooding the chat, through a client mod or otherwise is strictly forbidden.

Failure to follow any of our rules can result in consequences ranging from a simple warning to a permanent ban. Here at Ultimate Minecraft we run the MCBans plugin, and failure to comply with our rules could result in you receiving a ‘global ban’, which will be visible to other servers running the plugin, and will negatively affect your account’s reputation.  As a server, we have no way of proving your identity when you connect – only proving your nickname. We cannot see who owns this nickname, who has access to this nickname, and who is currently using this nickname. Therefore, if anyone with access to an account does break a rule, the consequences are applied to the whole account, and using this is not an excuse to get unbanned.

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